When Facebook reveals things you don’t want to show

Several larger media companies, New York Times, National Geographic, Buzzfeed are all entering a business relationship with Facebook to post their content natively in the stream – as opposed to just linking back (Read more: Facebook ‘Instant Articles’ may bring full news stories to your feed this month)

It’s a way to push content to the readers where they choose to be, and making the effort to consume it as seamless as possible. But it doesn’t come without caveats, something CJR’s Trevor Timm has written a great piece about here, so I won’t repeat that.

However, this just happened in my Facebook feed. The Next Web reported on the shut down of music streaming service Grooveshark, and the fact that a couple of un-happy former employees has secretly backed up the entire site and now relaunched it on a new address.

This is how that showed up in my Facebook feed: Fortsätt läsa