Facebook algorithm under fire in Sweden – found revealing anonymized sources

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how an unintentional side effect of the Facebook recommend-algorithm, shows information that the publisher might not want attached to it’s posts.

My example was of a text about the downfall of streaming music service Grooveshark:

Grooveshark 2

The Next Web wrote about how disgruntled Grooveshark employees had backed up the shut down service, and put it back online. But The Next Web made a point of not revealing the new URL.  That didn’t really matter though, thank’s to Facebooks related links-box, people could find it attached to the post anyway.

Now a high profile murder case in Sweden has put the links-box under public fire. The background is a young woman, Lisa Holm, who suddenly disappeared in a small town, in an otherwise calm part of Sweden, only to be found murdered a couple of days later. Fortsätt läsa