Ny Android market på gång?

Yay, det verkar som om Google äntligen fått skägget ur och fixat Market:

However in Google’s preview of Android 2.2, there is a new Android Market coming to offer more than the iTunes-like experience we have been begging for. Why do we even want an iTunes-like app store experience, why not go beyond that for a Web experience? The new Android Market will allow you to sign in, search all 50,000+ Android Apps and actually download them wirelessly not only to your phone, tablet, TV… let’s just say device as the list will go on!

The Android Marketplace, which will finally exist in a browser version, will start to sell music which you can download over the air to your Android phone—no wired syncing required. The browser marketplace will work the same with all apps: over-the-air downloads. How did Google do it? “We discovered something really cool,” quipped Gundotra, “it’s called the Internet.”

Vågar man hoppas även på betalapps till Sverige?

Samtidigt får nästa version av Android (2.2) lysande recensioner:

It plays nicely with Flash and HTML 5. It does native and web apps. It makes devices run faster than the iPad. It streams music from iTunes or any other desktop music library. It does painless, wireless tethering. It makes transferring apps from the desktop to mobile completely automatic.

It makes the iPhone look like a clunky, locked-down piece of junk, in so many words.


Kul och hoppfullt. Särskilt som jag precis beställt en HTC Desire.