Reclaim the Dumpster. Guerilla pools!

Jag hittade följande guldkorn på en av mina favvobloggar boing boing. den ledde vidare till ReadyMade Magazine och jag citerar:

“I was in NYC last week and went to see [a friend’s] project,” Steve wrote me. “He is making pools out of dumpsters. But, it’s much bigger than that. He is having pool parties in Brooklyn on Fridays. You should see if he will let you write about it or come out to the parties.”

De gör alltså pooler av övergivna containers! I Brooklyn! Vilken lysande idé. Förutom att man skapar badmöjligheter i stadsmiljö, så reclaimar man det som på landskapsvenska kallas ”spillytor”:

We would like to do them in the parking lots of the strip malls and show people that with not too much expense you can creatively reuse what is basically considered urban detritus and make something really cool and fun and also fairly easy to put together.”

Hade kanske inte funkat i Sverige, vi har ju badbart vatten precis överallt.